A downloadable game for Windows

Environment is completely destructible.

What do you think I can make this game into? I have no idea

Install instructions

Extract & launch Tale.exe!


Tale 76 MB

Development log


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The pixel art ain't great.  Pieces of it are nice, i.e. the player, but beyond that all I can call it is functional.  More functional than the tutorial.  Took me a minute to figure out what the floating garbage in the sky meant, and by then I had guessed all the controls anyway.  As well, it felt like I had to have already figured things out before I was told how to do them, unless I was expected to perform several frame-perfect jumps in a row in the brokenly high-sensitivity platforming.  

Beyond that, the idea is decent, but the level design doesn't do much with it.  It feels like the only use for the breaking/building mechanic is to subvert the given level, rather than to actually solve problems within it.